Career summary

I am Matthew. Sysadmin. IoT fanatic. Bicycle fan. Whole my life asking 'What if...?'. Since 2011 I have been building experience in administration of application servers (JBoss, Weblogic, Oracle Application Server, Apache, Tomcat and Microsoft IIS servers on over 400 virtual machines). I have some skills in virtualization and networking. Privately I'm interested in IoT, car mechanics, electronics and RPG games.

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Every admin has specific features. These are mine.


I like to be an IT detective. Read logs, find traces all over the system. If error occured there must be a trace of it. If not - It's also a trace


Working on production may cause stress. Continuous delivery of main customs and fiscal systems helped me to learn how to cope with stress.


I feel good working in team. Supporting group of system administrators can solve any problem.

self improvement

I have learned basics of VMware, Hyper-V, Linux and Windows administration. I also learned how to replace cylinder gasket and piston rings.

positive vibes

Working in friendly environment gives boost to whole team. I can make environment more friendly.

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